Who We Are
Strategy & Process Transformation
Blue Science’s Strategy, Process and Transformation Solutions help our clients accelerate business performance by integrating and aligning their business processes, people and information systems with their enterprise strategy. We empower our clients to create enterprise value by linking strategy formulation to implementation.
Workforce Management
Blue Science works in collaboration with companies to help manage and utilize their workforce to its fullest potential. We assist organizations in increasing productivity, reducing liability, and improving employee morale
Technology Infractructure & Integration
We help organizations achieve their business goals by advising them in the planning, design, procurement, implementation and management of their technologies. Blue Science applies a wellstructured analytical methodology to four important dimensions of the IT picture - organization, architecture, operations, and facilities. Working closely with the client, we design, develop and implement a complete solution that supports the company’s strategic business objectives.
Software Testing
Like us, our clients recognise that effective testing benefits both the development process and the deployed products or solutions. To help them realise these benefits, we have brought together a team of specialists with excellent testing skills who are passionate about their chosen profession. We recognise that no two projects are the same. So we tailor our approach for each assignment to match the client’s goals and culture.
Supply Chain Management/e-CRM
Whether you are looking to synchronize supply and demand, drive cost reduction and improve business performance management, optimize channels, or gain new customer insights, Blue Science offers a broad range of capabilities that enhance and streamline business processes and functions. We create, implement and operate enterprise solutions designed to deliver rapid returns on investment and tangible, long-term benefits.
Value Added Services
Biometrics ATM
Bio-ATM is a biometric based fully automated transaction system for Banks and Financial Institutes. It allows banks to secure ATM transactions by using the power of Biometric Technology

Risk Management
provide client-driven solutions which combine risk advisory and quantitative consulting services together with a project management and systems implementation capability.

We partner with financial software companies and other consulting firms to enhance their services to our clients

Buiness Intelligence
We provide integrated, efficient, transparent and flexible solutions, which fully support true straight through processing for front, middle and back offices, across all instrument classes.

Back Office Operations
We are specialist supplier of fully integrated front-to-back office cash and treasury management systems that review, optimize and build corporate treasury functions.

We offer BPO Services in three process categories that reflect the layers of insurance operations: High-Value Processes include traditional consulting services, Core Processes, for which we offer tech vendor selection services, and Foundational Processes which include management consulting.