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Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment

A Mobile Pay app enables you to process a payment directly from your phone. Or, use a web-based Mobile Pay system to enter and transmit a customer's card number via your smart phone. Both solutions contain built-in security features to help keep your customer's card information safe and protected against fraud.

Our Mobile Pay solutions allow you to maximize the benefits of your mobile phone, while providing a convenient service to your customers. And, because payments are processed in real time with an e-receipt generated and emailed to the customer after the transaction is complete, you get instant authorization and your customers can immediately settle their purchases.



The term Digitalization is used to describe a scope of transformation that goes beyond simply substituting analog or physical resources for their digital or information counterparts. In this sense books don't simply become eBooks but complete interactive and multi-media experiences and processes might become online dialogues between parties that were not previously directly connected.

So in a business context, an organization that seeks to become Digital might focus on the automation of processes with the objective of making them more efficient. By contrast, a company focusing on Digitalization, might aim to realize more effective outcomes from those processes by improving the customer engagement.


Big Data Analytics

The use of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies (SMAC) is already enabling our advanced analytics solutions to extract meaning from your data so you can refine the products, services and experiences required to outperform your competition. Whether through analytical models, systems integration or data analytics and strategic consulting, we can help your data drive experience.